What is a B.O.S.S.?

B.O.S.S. is a unique, quick, non-intrusive, affordable, high sensitivity detector created to identify metal objects concealed in body cavities. It is commonly used in corrections facilities to survey inmates for weapons and contraband objects hidden in anal, vaginal, oral and nasal cavities. At some sites guests are also screened.

B.O.S.S. has gone through significant screening at US State and Federal Corrections facilities and has received considerable attention in both the electronic and print media.

Normal objects being targeted are razor blades, handcuff keys, paper clips, knives, shanks and tools. The B.O.S.S. also detects cellular telephones, metal foils and objects including detonator caps. Razor blades are of particular concern as they are tough to detect in all orientations with walk-through devices, and some have even said prisoners are known to cut pouches in their cheeks to hide razor blades.



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Ranger Intelliscan Series Walk Thru Metal Detector (WTMD)

The Ranger Intelliscan series of walk through metal detectors is now available in four (4) models. Choose from two (2), six (6), eighteen (18) or thrity-three (33) scan zones and multiple exterior finishes to suit almost any budget, environment and security application.

WTMD Features:

  • Fast Transit Response and Automatic Reset
  • Rejects Noise and Other Interference
  • On/Off Key Lock
  • Dual Level Six-digit Security Pass Codes


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Ranger Handheld Security Scanners

Perfect for mobile security scanning or in conjunction with walk through metal detection security measures. Designed specifically for weapon screening and loss prevention

Some HHMD Features:

  • Fully adjustable sensitivity control enables optimal performance on weapon screening and loss prevention applications
  • Lightweight comfortable grip, large scanning area and fast scan rate reduce operator fatigue
  • Automatic tuning insures equal results on a wide range of metals


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The Mediscan medical loss prevention scanner has been developed to help reduce hospital operating room surgical instrument shrinkage during cleanup.

Mediscan Features:

  • Mediscan stops losses before they occur.
  • Mediscan is fast and efficient.
  • Mediscan is a rapid return on investment.
  • Mediscan is an affordable loss prevention program.

 Visit Mediscan micro-site for more details and pricing

Mediscan micro-site

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